About Us

Who We Are?

At Thomax, we acknowledge a pressing and prevalent concern affecting mothers worldwide - the increasing struggles with back and spine health during and after pregnancy. Observing firsthand the impact on mothers' daily lives, our dedication has intensified, fueled by a profound sense of responsibility to enact significant improvements. In addressing this growing challenge, we harness innovative technologies not only to alleviate back and spine issues but also to offer holistic solutions for mothers' overall physical well-being. Our focus transcends mere symptom alleviation, placing paramount importance on the enduring health and comfort of every mother.

What is our goal?

At Thomax, our goal is to redefine the narrative surrounding mothers' back and spine health, elevating its significance alongside personal well-being during and after pregnancy. We aspire to catalyze a movement that empowers mothers to prioritize their spinal health and overall physical condition. Our aim is to cultivate a lifestyle where mothers can navigate through pregnancy and beyond without the discomfort and limitations imposed by back and spine issues, ensuring a healthy and active life for both themselves and their families.

Central to our goal is addressing two pivotal aspects of mothers' physical health: the prevention and management of back problems, and the enhancement of spinal health during and after pregnancy. These issues not only impact daily comfort and mobility but also present a direct threat to the long-term well-being of mothers. At Thomax, our dedication lies in offering innovative solutions that not only alleviate back and neck pain but also proactively prevent future spine-related problems, significantly improving the quality of life for mothers who utilize our products.

Our approach mirrors the proactive stance taken in managing and preventing health concerns related to mothers' back and spine health. We prioritize preemptive measures to instill a sense of well-being and confidence in mothers' bodies during and after pregnancy. This ethos propels our commitment to reshaping the landscape of mothers' back and spine health.

With steadfast dedication and a genuine commitment to making a tangible difference in mothers' lives, Thomax endeavors to revolutionize the way back and spine health is addressed for mothers, one individual at a time. Our vision transcends mere pain relief or posture correction. We envision a world where every mother can embrace motherhood with vitality and joy, free from the constraints of back and spine problems, with our products seamlessly integrated into their daily routines as a cornerstone of improved well-being and physical health.


 What we offer?

Thomax is dedicated to enhancing mothers' back and spine health through innovative solutions that prioritize comfort and effectiveness during and after pregnancy. Our commitment is centered on providing mothers with state-of-the-art products and technologies specifically designed to improve spinal health and posture, seamlessly integrating into their daily lives without sacrificing convenience.

Drawing upon our expertise in developing groundbreaking solutions, Thomax is focused on revolutionizing mothers' back and spine health. We offer a comprehensive range of products that not only aim to improve posture but are also user-friendly and reliable. These products are crafted to assist mothers effortlessly in enhancing their spinal health, giving them the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing they are taking proactive steps toward maintaining their physical well-being throughout motherhood and beyond.