Knee Pro

I very rarely go on walks as I have really bad knees. My daughter seen the ad and bought 2 Knee Pro's for me. I was very skeptical at first but tried them on, so glad I did. Now I walk regularly without any knee pain. Soon as you put the Knee Pro on I can feel the difference, now I can walk for few hours with no pain. Definitely worth it!

Ernest McKenzie - Coventry


Improve your mobility and stability

Combines stability of a knee brace and flexibility of a sleeve for total joint relief

Helps to warm and lubricate the knee joint to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation

Lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking design for maximum comfort during all day wear

30 Day Money Back Guarantee, not suitable or you just do not like, simply return for full refund no questions asked


The end of swollen and painful knees, meniscus damage, tendon problems or osteoarthritus.

If you are reading this then you are probably suffering numb or stabbing knee pain.


The result? The pain rules your normal daily life.


In the longterm, this will lead to more serious problems such as knee surgery, dependance on cortisone injections, and strong painkillers or permanent chronic knee pain and eventually immobility.


Using the power of its advanced compression technology, the knee pro reverses the pain in your knees and restores knee health just by wearing it.





The End of Swollen and Painful Knees 

Permanent relief from knee pain, osteoarthritus, bursitus, meniscus damage and tendon problems

Perfect for daily use in all activities

Reverse inflammation and damage to the knee joint

Warms up and lubricates the joint, so you can enjoy everyday pain free like

Can be used anytime and anywhere, fits comfortably under your clothes

Saves time and money of cheap alternatives 

Fully adjestable compression design, made from comfortable fabric


Keeps You Moving Even If Injured

The Knee Pro enables you to keep doing the things you love, if its just walking to going to the gym. The worst thing we do when we get injured we just stop doing anything. The Knee Pro allows us to keep the joint, musles and tendons moving this increases the speed of the healing process by driving the oxygen rich blood to the affect area. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use it on both my knees?

Absolutely! The Knee Pro can be used on the left and right knee.

How does it help with my knee?

The Knee Pro uses compression technology to increase the blood flow to the affected area, the oxygen rich blood speeds up the healing process. Also it stablises the knee joint stopping the knee joint banging together which causes the pain and wears the cartilage away.  

Is it safe to use?

Ofcourse, the Knee Pro has been tested by medical professionals and mulitple physios around the UK.

What happens if I do not like it?

Do not worry, we offer 30 day money back guarantee. Just email and get full refund. 

Is my payment information secure?

Yes. The entire payment methods are encrypted and securely processed directly with the issuing merchant (VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Apple Pay).